A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows and macOS

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This project was abandoned a long time ago has been worked on during Devtober 2020 Game Jam!  - You'll find the Devlog for the Jam HERE!
New updates will be posted on the official devlog, above this page!
Some images are sketches and/or placeholders! These will be replaced with final art in the future~


What is the story about?


The game will have the following features!

~Click to show Features~

  • A character creation at the beggining of the game;
  • Custom name and pronouns  for the player;
  • Adventure game style gameplay;
  • An inventory, money and shop system;
  • Phone message system;
  • In-game Calendar with events!
  • Jobs, HP system,  stats and cooking/crafting system with REAL recipes!
  • 5 routes (2 female characters and 3 male characters), all with different endings depending on player choices;
  • Other Dating sim mechanics;
  • CG gallery and unlockable content;
  • And more!

Quick Guide!

~Here you'll find a quick explanation about how to use some features in the game~


These are the characters in the game!

[Images coming soon!]

Main Character:

Nieves Michaud:


Kevan Mcnabb:


Wren Ivanov:


Mr. Jefferson (Eugene):


See the amazing people that made this possible!

Director, Art & Story:

·Sterki Herz - Twitter | Discord: sterkiherz#7005 | Portfolio

. .. .


·Sterki Herz - Twitter | Discord: sterkiherz#7005 | Portfolio
·Shie - Lemmasoft Forum 

. .. .


·'Netherplace' by  Eric Matyas 
Pocket Sound: BGM 
·Music from Bensound
·Fesliyan Studios - BGM & Fx
·music.play() - Portfolio | Discord: music.play()#2898 
·James Evans - Webpage | Instagram: @jamesevansguitar

. .. .

Voice Acting:

·Danny Corralez
·Alexander "Blairlex" Hanly: Twitter or CastingCall.Club

. .. .

Icons used for UI:



Report bugs and Grammar mistakes!

Heya~ If you happen to find any mistakes in the script I'd love it if you let me know so I can fix it! Same with reporting any bug you can find! All of this helps me make this game better~
*You can do so in here!

I'd love to hear some suggestions you might have!

*You can do so in here!

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This money is only used to buy better art supplies and to focus on this project developement. Let's keep making amazing content together~


[JAM] A Cursed Travelers Tale - MAC 433 MB
[JAM] A Cursed Travelers Tale - WIN 451 MB


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its this game still to be finished or not?

Yes! It's being worked on! This is just a demo for the jam n.n


oh thank you for answer


Wow your game looks legit . would love to play it.